Bisque Potpourri Pie Set



Wonderful DIY potpourri pie -just paint then fill with potpourri


Ready to paint potpourri Pie- Just paint, seal and fill with a assorted amount of potpourri.

this item is made by pouring liquid clay called slip into a mold, then pouring out after I get the consistency I want , then allowed to sit till dried enough to open- once opened piece dries 48 hours – once dried the piece is cleans and filed if any seams and any missing design is sculpted back into piece- then piece is fired in a kiln at about 12,000 degrees for 6 hours then allowed to cool 24 hours – if piece is glazed then glazing is painted on and allowed to dry 24 hours and placed back in the kiln and fired another 6 hour and cooled another 24 hours before packing and shippingimg_1803 img_1804 img_1805i


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